Esemtia School

What is esemtia | school?

esemtia | school is a digital platform designed for the management of multi-stage schools offering various stages of education, from preschool to high school and also vocational training.

What does esemtia | school offer?

A tool to improve the academic, pedagogical and administrative management of your school:

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Manage the classroom from your desktop

The school’s teaching staff will be able to access everything they need from the desktop and also customize their workspace.

Tutoring and follow-up

Thanks to the pedagogical follow-up you can see the information about the performance of the group in a graphical way and take a look the evolution of the students at any time.

Academic management

esemtia | school offers an assessment system adapted to the pedagogical model and assessment systems of your centre and autonomous community.

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Administrative management

With esemtia | school you can perform administration and invoicing quickly and safely.

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Family-school communication

The most complete mobile app for families. It includes a messaging system, academic information and administrative information.

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    All the management of your centre in one tool

    See all the tools offered by esemtia | school to improve the management of your centre.

    • Educational stages
      • Preschool (0-3 and 3-6 years old)
      • Primary, secondary and high school
      • Vocational training
    • Scheduling and assessment
      • Assessment by area
      • Assessment by competence
      • Assessment by projects
    • Tools for the teacher
      • Teacher’s notebook
      • Scheduling
      • Calendar
      • Follow-up and comments
    • Pedagogical support
      • Tutoring and assessment
      • Pedagogical dashboard
      • Absenteeism, behaviour and homework
      • Disciplinary management
      • Individual plan (IP)
    • Statistics
      • Performance graphs by areas

      Adapted to the pedagogical model of each school.

    • Office of the secretary
      • Records
      • Enrolment
    • Invoicing
    • Reports and official documentation
      • Examination results and reports
      • Official documentation
    • Service management
      • Coach
      • Dining room
      • Extracurricular activities

      Of­ficial documentation adapted to the regulations of each community.

    • Internal messaging and mobile apps 
      • Push notifications
      • Student follow-up
      • Misconduct justification
      • See tasks and exams
      • Califi­caciones.
      • Grades
      • Alerts
      • Events and circulars
      • Photo gallery
      • Invoicing receipts

       Internal and family communication systems.

    • In-house Moodle
      • Esemtia’s Moodle is a tool that’s fully integrated into the platform that allows teachers to create and modify exercises and didactic sequences for their students, creating their own content, selecting it from different publishers or reusing it from other sources.
      • Easy and intuitive design.
      • Adapted to all teaching: primary, secondary, high school and VT.
      • 100% responsive: compatible with any desktop, tablet and smartphone device.
      • In-house Moodle.
      • Integrated with Google Calendar.

     It performs scheduling and follow-up in an agile and intuitive way.

    Family-school communication

    APP esemtia | familias

    The most complete mobile app for families. It includes a messaging system, academic information (school agenda, calendar, grades and tutoring) and administrative information (enrolment, circulars, events, invoicing and photo galleries).

    APP esemtia | aula

    This mobile app allows you to perform the main functions of daily academic management from a mobile device. Easily accessible and intuitive, it offers real-time information that facilitates communication and academic and pedagogical management.