What is
esemtia | FP?

It is a solution designed for the management of VT centres that makes it easy to organize the different vocational trainings into professional modules, training units, learning results and assessment criteria.

What does esemtia | FP offer?

Esemtia | FP allows teachers to access all functionalities from a single screen. Adapted to all VT courses (basic VT, intermediate level specific vocational training and advanced level specific vocational training) and to all modalities (face-to-face, blended learning, Dual VT and Virtual VT). The teacher can design and plan his or her personalized practices by deciding which criteria he or she will evaluate.

Main characteristics:

Training structure
(LOE/LOGSE educational laws)

Dual VT

Official documentation

Double enrolment


Absenteeism control

VT App

Workplace training

Integrated Moodle

Virtual VT

For the administrative team:

esemtia | FP has functions for file management, enrolment systems, 3×2 degree, equivalence of related studies and workplace training. It also makes it easy and safe to perform the invoicing.

For the teaching team:

esemtia | FP has tools for the teaching team to create their schedules and perform the follow-up of their groups and the assessment process in a very simple way. It allows teachers to create their own learning results, criteria and assessment tools and facilitates the possibility to modify the standard curriculum and adapt it to the students’ needs with an individual training itinerary.

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    All the management of your VT centre in one tool

    Discover all the tools offered by esemtia | FP to improve the management of your centre:

    • Tools for the teacher
      • Teacher’s notebook
      • Scheduling.
      • Calendar.
      • Schedule.
      • Follow-up and comments.
    • Scheduling and assessment
      • Continuous assessment.
      • Assessment by competence.
      • Interdisciplinary projects.
    • Pedagogical support
      • Tutoring and assessment.
      • Pedagogical dashboard.
      • Absenteeism, behaviour and homework.
      • Disciplinary management.

    Adapted to all VT courses (basic VT, intermediate level specific vocational training and advanced level specific vocational training) and to all modalities (face-to-face, blended learning, Dual VT and Virtual VT).

    • Office of the secretary
      • Records.
      • Enrolment.
      • Equivalence of related studies.
      • 3×2 degree.
      • Dual VT.
      • Virtual VT.
      • Individual training itinerary.
      • Workplace training.
      • Professional certifications.
    • Invoicing
    • Reports and official documentation
      • Examination results and reports
      • Official documentation

     Of­ficial documentation adapted to the regulations of each community.

    • FP | CONNECT is the mobile app designed for VT students
      • Push notifications.
      • Student follow-up.
      • Misconduct justification..
      • See tasks and exams.
      • Grades.
      • Alerts.
      • Events and circulars.
      • Invoicing receipts.
    • In-house Moodle 
      • Esemtia’s Moodle is a tool that’s fully integrated into the platform that allows teachers to create and modify exercises and didactic sequences for their students, creating their own content, selecting it from different publishers or reusing it from other sources.
      • Easy and intuitive design.
      • 100% responsive: compatible with any desktop, tablet and smartphone device.
      • In-house Moodle.
      • Integrated with Google Calendar.

    The enrollment and modules organization system allows you to fully adapt your school to the flexibility of the vocational trainings.

    Apps for families and students

    APP esemtia | Connect

    The FP connect mobile app is designed for esemtia users who want to have all the information of their vocational trainings in the palm of their hand. Schedules, records and grades can be accessed in real time.

    Multidisciplinary projects

    The structure of assessment instruments allows the centre to assess different modules from one or different vocational trainings within the same practice.

    Global practices

    The evaluation system makes it possible to combine modules from different areas in a practical way.

    Automatic grades calculation

    The grades of the modules are obtained directly from the marks assigned to the different assessment instruments that make up their learning criteria and results.

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